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How to enable digital health transformation projects at a lower cost and higher quality

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Rhapsody, vendor of a digital health enablement platform, recently earned quite an achievement – its 15th consecutive Best in KLAS Integration Engine award.

The company, in Booth 1933 at HIMSS24, works with more than 1,700 provider groups, health systems, digital health companies and public health agencies across 22 countries.

Healthcare IT News talked with Rhapsody CEO Sagnik Bhattacharya to discuss digital health trends, the main message he and his team are trying to get across at HIMSS24, and that KLAS award No. 15.

Q. What are the digital health trends you’re discussing with HIMSS24 attendees?

A. We’re discussing how to enable digital health transformation projects at a lower cost and higher quality.

Now that most providers have an EHR in place, we are seeing innovation accelerating. Just take a look at all the organizations represented at HIMSS24. It’s incredible and it’s important that none of this innovation falls by the wayside and they are able to scale their impact.

We hear about patient engagement and medication management use cases, and we see digital front door solutions available to help organizations achieve these goals. Right now, there’s a significant opportunity to get innovation into users’ hands in a way that is easier, more cost-efficient and less time-consuming.

Interoperability is crucial to making this opportunity a reality, connecting providers and health tech companies together so patients, consumers, clinicians, researchers and others have high-quality, accurate data at their fingertips.

Interoperability enables and accelerates health innovation and adoption at a lower cost, reducing the friction between being budget-conscious and adopting new innovations. It also empowers provider teams and health tech builders to connect with less friction, lowering cost and the time it takes knowledge workers to reconcile and move data.

We’re talking about using AI to automate manual tasks and streamline inefficient processes. This drives higher-quality data while reducing costs and alleviating burnout. We’re talking about making the AI buzz a reality through practical tools. Organizations will begin deploying AI-powered tools within their clinical, financial and operational systems and embedded within apps. The key is that this technology must feel effortless and be seamless, integrated into users’ workflows.

Q. What is the main message you’re looking to get across to show attendees?

A. Rhapsody is your foundation for accelerating digital health adoption. If you are a provider or health system, we can help you drive more efficiency while implementing your digital health projects. If you are a health tech company, we can help you integrate your data and your workflows seamlessly with providers.

Our Digital Health Enablement Platform helps organizations achieve their goals while reducing costs, saving time, alleviating burden and providing high-quality data they can trust.

Interoperability on its own – as just an integration engine or enterprise master person index (EMPI) or clinical terminology tool – is incomplete. Some interoperability solutions are monolithic without the flexibility to choose what you need, where and when you need it.

Our platform is made of composable integration, identity management and clinical terminology solutions. Customers can get everything they need – and only what they need. Our offerings are flexible, designed to meet customers where they are in their cloud or ours. They’re also extensible and adaptable, meeting global data privacy and compliance regulations while prioritizing transparency and security.

As an industry, we’ve digitized – for the most part – the healthcare record. Now it’s time to adopt digital health innovation to give people the experience they expect and see in other industries. Rhapsody is the foundation for care providers, health tech builders, and public health teams to do just that.

Q. Rhapsody recently received its 15th consecutive Best in KLAS Integration Engine award. What is the key to your success with KLAS?

A. It starts with our customer-obsessed culture. It is deeply ingrained in people and in our processes. Our customers rely on us for mission-critical software, and we take that responsibility to heart.

Another key differentiator for us is intense focus on R&D. We’re constantly looking at ways we can improve our products to reduce friction and increase efficiency for our customers. For example, we just introduced Rhapsody Autopilot, which will automate patient matching workflows through AI.

We have a flexible approach to serving our customers and meeting them where they are. For example, some customers choose to use our software as a container in their private cloud. Or they can use our public cloud SaaS environment, and still others choose to use the full-service Integration Platform as-a-Service model we call Envoy.

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