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7x Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky Opens Up on Managing Mental Health Challenges in Competitive Sports

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With 10 Olympic medals, 7 of which are gold, and 26 world championship medals, Katie Ledecky stands tall as the most decorated female in swimming. Yet, beyond her remarkable athletic feats, Ledecky has embraced academic pursuits with equal fervor, obtaining a BA in Psychology with a minor in Political Science from Stanford University.

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This academic journey has equipped her with a profound understanding of the mental rigors necessary to counter the pressures of elite sportsmanship as she embarks on another Olympic odyssey toward the Paris Games. Along this path, Ledecky has now opened up about managing mental health challenges in competitive sports.

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In an interview with Well and Good Katie Ledecky opened up about her four tips to help people stay motivated in their fitness routines. They included tips like starting gradually, defining your success, doing what you enjoy, and learning from failure. When Katie Ledecky discussed the topic “Love what you do,” she emphasized that if you genuinely enjoy the type of exercise you’re doing, you’re more likely to stick with it consistently, sharing that consistency is key to improving your health and fitness in the long run.

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Delving into her example, she shared how she loves swimming so much that she doesn’t even see her time in the gym as work—it’s like playtime for her. However, she also opened up about mental health and acknowledged that some days can be tough, saying, “But like anyone, some days are harder than others. I focus on my goals. Goal-setting is big for me. It keeps me focused.” As we reflect on these words by the living legend in swimming, let us peek into her life at Standford and her achievements as a psychology major.

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Katie Ledecky joined Stanford University after winning four Olympic gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite her status as an Olympic champion, Ledecky opted not to immediately turn professional. Instead, she immersed herself in collegiate swimming for a few years, balancing between her athletic passion and academic pursuits. Ledecky chose classes like psychology and political science. She even took a class called “Global Change and Emerging Infectious Disease,“ which focused on understanding diseases like COVID-19.

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Despite the disruptions posed by the pandemic, she successfully earned her psychology degree in just over four years. Reflecting on her Stanford experience, she remarked, “My years at Stanford have been nothing short of incredible.” Even amidst her athletic achievements, Ledecky remained committed to furthering her knowledge and impact, collaborating with Panasonic on the “STEM Forward” program.


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This initiative seeks to make STEM education engaging and accessible to young learners across North America, Japan, and beyond. As we contemplate her multifaceted contributions, Ledecky’s journey continues to captivate and inspire fans worldwide.

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