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Arnold Sports Festival Results 2024: Weekend Results, Highlights and Reaction

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Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty ImagesThe 2024 Arnold Sports Festival wrapped up on Sunday, as the annual fitness and sporting competition featured several events that included martial arts, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, and foosball.

The festival also boasts one of the most notable events in bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic. The competition, named after bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, included some of the top names in the world of bodybuilding such as Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda.

The competition took place at multiple venues in Ohio throughout the weekend. The locations consisted of the Columbus Convention Center, the Ohio Expo Center, the Batelle Grand, and the Columbus Athenaeum.

Before the Classic was decided on Saturday, Friday also featured several significant events. Ariel Khadr won the Fitness International division for the third consecutive year, while Wesley Vissers took home the Classic Physique crown. Meanwhile, Francielle Mattos was named the winner of the Classic Wellness International.

Here are the full results from Friday’s events.

Fitness International Results:First Place: Ariel Khadr Second Place: Jaclyn Baker Third Place: Jodi BoamFourth Place: Michelle Fredua-MensahFifth Place: Aurika TyrgaleSixth Place: Tamara VahnArnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsTHREE-PEAT 🏆🏆🏆

Ariel Khadr is your 3x consecutive Arnold Classic Fitness International Champion

| 2024 Arnold Classic presented by @MUTANTNATION |

Get your daily expo passes now via https://t.co/WqTa2rWttg pic.twitter.com/Ct4eAmZuXd

Classic Physique Results:First Place: Wesley VissersSecond Place: Ramon Rocha QueirozThird Place: Urs KalecinskiFourth Place: Breon AnsleyFifth Place: Michael DaboulSixth Place: Damien PatrickArnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsAND THE NEW 🏆🇳🇱

Wesley Vissers is your 2024 Arnold Classic Classic Physique Champion!

| 2024 Arnold Classic is presented by @MUTANTNATION |

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Classic Wellness International Results:First Place: Francielle MattosSecond Place: Isabelle NunesThird Place: Sandra Colorado AcalFourth Place: Bruna SeredichFifth Place: Lili DongSixth Place: Anne-Marie GobeilArnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsINEVITABLE 🔥🇧🇷

Francielle Mattos is your 2024 Arnold Classic Wellness International Queen 👑🏆

| 2024 Arnold Classic is presented by @MUTANTNATION |

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Saturday contained the Arnold Classic final, which appeared to be a two-man race after Choopan and Dauda were called out multiple times in Friday’s prejudging. It was Choopan’s first time participating in the Classic, as the man nicknamed the Persian Wolf has typically been one of the finalists in recent years at Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

He was named Mr. Olympia in 2022, although his finish as the runner-up in 2023 behind Derek Lunsford came as a disappointment relative to the rest of his career. As for Dauda, he entered the 2024 Classic searching for his second straight title after winning the competition in 2023.

Choopan emerged victorious, winning the Arnold Classic as well as the $300,000 prize in his first time competing in the event. Dauda earned a No. 2 finish.

Saturday also featured the Strongman Classic event, with a loaded field that included 2023 champion Mitchell Hooper as well as 2018 World’s Strongest Man Hafthór Björnsson. Although Björnsson held a lead after the first day of competition, Hooper finished with 52 points at the end of the event and earned back-to-back victories.

Angelica Jardine was the victor of the Arnold Strongwoman Classic with a score of 45 points, barely edging out runner-up Olga Liashchuk after she finished with 44.5 points.

Here are the full results from Saturday.

Arnold ClassicFirst Place: Hadi ChoopanSecond Place: Samson DaudaThird Place: Rafael BrandaoFourth Place: Jon Delarosa Fifth Place: James HollingsheadSixth Place: Akim WilliamsArnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsYour 2024 Arnold Classic champion Hadi Choopan! 🏆🐺

| 2024 Arnold Classic is presented by @MUTANTNATION | pic.twitter.com/vnR8cTRWUw

Mr. Olympia LLC @MrOlympiaLLC. @MrOlympiaLLC
When a “Mr. Olympia” competes in an Olympia qualifier, he reminds us why he’s a Mr. Olympia. 🥇
Join us in Congratulating Hadi Choopan on his win in Ohio.
The stakes go up in October!!!@Hadi__Choopan pic.twitter.com/quBAoNZbfs

Men’s PhysiqueFirst Place: Diogo MontenegroSecond Place: Vinicius Mateus LimaThird Place: Vitor ChavesFourth Place: Kyron HoldenFifth Place: Corey MorrisSixth Place: Emanuel HunterArnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsThe champ is here! 🔥

Your 2024 Men’s Physique champion Diogo Montenegro 🇧🇷🏆

| 2024 Arnold Classic is presented by @MUTANTNATION | pic.twitter.com/w67m1KZYnZ

Bikini InternationalFirst Place: Lauralie ChapadosSecond Place: Aimee DelgadoThird Place: Vania AugusteFourth Place: Angelica TeixeiraFifth Place: Phoebe HaganSixth Place: Eli Fernandez Arnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsTHREE IN A ROW 🏆🏆🏆

Lauralie Chapados is your 2024 Bikini International Queen 👑

| 2024 Arnold Classic presented by @MUTANTNATION | pic.twitter.com/veqmrYUiJg

Pro WheelchairFirst Place: Rajesh JohnSecond Place: Gabriele AndriulliThird Place: Josue FabianoFourth Place: Harold Kelley Fifth Place: Gaylon GrigsbySixth Place: Bradley BettsArnold Strongman ClassicFirst Place: Mitchell HooperSecond Place: Mateusz KieliszkowskiThird Place: Tom StoltmanFourth Place: Hafthór BjörnssonFifth Place: Bobby ThompsonSixth Place: Oleksii NovikovSeventh Place: Evan SingletonEighth Place: Martins Licis Ninth Place: Thomas EvansTenth Place: Oskar ZiółkowskiRogue Fitness @RogueFitnessDominance doesn’t leave room for doubt. Congratulations to Mitchell Hooper, 2X Arnold Strongman Classic Champion. #ryourogue pic.twitter.com/77T4ksFP6T

Arnold Strongwoman ClassicFirst Place: Angelica JardineSecond Place: Olga LiashchukThird Place: Lucy UnderdownFourth Place: Hannah LinzayFifth Place: Inez CarrasquilloSixth Place: Samantha BelliveauSeventh Place: Rebecca RobertsEighth Place: Andrea ThompsonNinth Place: Melissa PeacockTenth Place: Erin MurrayRogue Fitness @RogueFitnessFrom unproven to unstoppable. Congrats to Angelica Jardine for winning the 2024 Arnold Strongwoman Classic! #ryourogue pic.twitter.com/NQkYFiGYZh

Although Dauda finished in second place, he didn’t go home empty-handed. In addition to his $120,000 prize as the runner-up in the Classic, he also won the Best Poser Award. His trophy was presented to him by Schwarzenegger himself.

Arnold Sports Festival @ArnoldSportsYour winner of the 2024 Arnold Classic Ed Corney ‘Best Poser Award’ Samson Dauda 💪🏻

| 2024 Arnold Classic presented by mutant nation |

📸 profitnessphotos pic.twitter.com/3LkvU1zRHR

Suffice to say, it was another successful year for the festival. The 2025 edition is already shaping up to be another fierce competition, as Schwarzenegger announced that the Arnold Classic first place prize money will be raised to $500,000 (via Generation Iron).

Source : Bleacher Report

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