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“I Never Got to Meet Apollo Creed”: Charles Barkley Gives Ultimate Respect to Late Carl Weathers

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The sporting world was devastated after NFL athlete-turned-actor Carl Weathers bid farewell at the age of 76. After many mourned his death a few days ago, Charles Barkley has now joined the list with his podcast, which was released a few hours ago. The Philadelphia 76ers legend shared how influential Apollo Creed was for him.

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Barkley said, “Most people know him as Apollo Creed from the ‘Rocky’ movie. He has played in the NFL a couple of years for the Raiders…I never got to meet Apollo Creed, but man, that character in Rocky, it was one of the great characters in movie history and you never get tired of watching it…Carl Weathers, rest in peace, had a really great great career.”

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Barkley, like everyone else, looked back at Weathers’ performance in the famous franchise. After all, that is a fitting tribute to that fierce character. He also did not fail to mention Weathers’ infamous run in the NFL. The late actor initially had a career as a linebacker. He was also a part of the Canadian Football League. However, his fame in the later years as Apollo Creed overshadowed these achievements. 


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The ‘Rocky’ franchise could be addictive for many. The motivation that it gives provokes us to watch it again and again. Well, it looks like Charles Barkley felt the same, as he shared he doesn’t get tired of watching it.


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Charles Barkley shares how he related to ‘Rocky’, while reminiscing Carl WeathersThe 60-year-old also remembered that this movie was a big deal in Philadelphia because of Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky Balboa. Barkley said, “We all had to follow Rocky’s career,” which shows the impact this movie had on the sporting world.

Everyone wanted to be like Rocky. It was like a tool that pushed people to become legends like Barkley. The 1993 MVP further said, “I have been up those stairs too, many times,” relating to the movie character. This movie was very close to his heart, and now, one of the best actors in it has bid farewell.

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