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NFL HC on Chargers Job amid Harbaugh Rumors: ‘Got Stability There; I’d Run There’

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Ric Tapia/Getty ImagesSeven NFL teams currently have head coaching openings, and the Los Angeles’ Chargers gig was ranked as the second-most attractive in Yahoo Sports’ recent poll of “six highly positioned league sources” (three NFL coaches and three league executives).

“If you’re fortunate enough to have the Charger situation where you have a top-10 quarterback, top 5, whatever he is, then certainly that is [helpful] because that’s the one piece you need and that it’s hard to either draft or get. That’s either 1 or 1a. And then if you already have that thing in place, then you don’t have cap space.

“You could say whatever you want about the Spanoses. Who really knows what they pay for, what they don’t pay for. Are they cheap? They have a quarterback. They’re building a brand new training facility. The cap is a little bit messed up, but you’ve got stability there. I’d run there.”

Obviously, the biggest selling point is Herbert, who has thrown for 114 touchdown passes in his four seasons. He’ll be around through the 2029 season after signing a five-year, $262.5 million extension. The L.A. weather can certainly be a draw as well.

There are some potential downsides. The Bolts do have a significant salary cap issue with the team currently $45 million over the 2024 cap.

Jori Epstein and Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports also covered some potential drawbacks, in part.

“Still, some worry the Spanos family will find a way to interfere. They fear that the facilities and weather attracting free agents to Los Angeles may be all for naught until the roster is trimmed and the team can actually pay free agents. Who will the Spanoses hire at general manager, and how in concert will the coach and GM hires be?”

Ultimately, the Chargers have far more plusses than other teams, namely the Carolina Panthers, who are coming off a 2-15 season, don’t have a first-round pick and arguably have the worst owner in the NFL.

The Panthers brought up the rear of this list, while the Washington Commanders took the top spot. After the Bolts, the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans finished third to sixth.

Source : Bleacher Report

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